Aluminum Tension leveling line

Tension leveling line  Roller is deformed due to certain factors after the billet produced by hot rolled or roll casting process through cold rolling mill , w



Tension leveling line

  Roller is deformed due to certain factors after the billet produced by hot rolled or roll casting process through cold rolling mill , which make the longitudinal extension in the width direction be not uniform , resulting in the wave of the aluminum belt . If not eliminated , the wave will affect the deep processing of the strip and not meet the development market demand. In order to eliminate the defects of the surface and slabs produced in the process of cold rolling, the aluminum strip after cold rolling must be cleaned and straightened

  Many deep processing products are required to strip/coil surface has high straightness, if not through stretch bending straightening, removing grease, removing surface impurities such as aluminum powder, it is difficult meeting the user requirements simply through cold rolling mill.






  Aluminum Alloy : 1000, 3000,8000 series

  Dia.of Stretch Roll : 550—1300mm

  Rolling Speed :80—400m/min

  Entry Thickness : 0.8—3.0mm

  Cleaning Forms Water Cleaning: Neutral Agent , Oiling Agent, water Aqua

  Entry Width: 600—2450mm

  Max. Weight Of Coil: Max.20000Kg

Work flow

  Under the joint action of stretching and continuous alternating bending ,the aluminum strip produce plastic deformation and gain flattening effect .Under the action of the tension roller, the transverse section of aluminum strip produces uniform tensile stress, which is to obtain uniform plastic elongation deformation .However, aluminum strip straightened on continuous stretch bendingstraightening machine, at the same time, being subjected to the tension of the tension roller, and is subjected to the bending of the bending roll. Therefore, it is straightened by the combination of tensile deformation and bending deformation.

  Tension leveling line used with slitting machine has become a optimum equipment to process aluminum belt/coil . Choosing a good performance "aluminum plate/strip/foil tension leveling line" is the key equipment to the aluminum plate/strip/foil finishing straightening. Tension leveling line is the most effective stretch bending straightening machine , which can not only improve the level of aluminum belt straightness, also improve the surface quality. It overcomes the shortcoming of the application range of pure tensile straightener, and provides the possibility for a wide range of aluminum strip/coil straightening


  Good shape is available . After stretching and straightening, it can completely eliminate the wave edge, wave shape, ladle and mild sickle bending of the plate surface.

  To improve the anisotropy of materials . The yield limit of aluminum sheet in longitudinal and transverse direction is often anisotropic, which lead to higher scrap rate. This condition can be greatly improved by stretching and straightening.

  Eliminate the yielding platform and prevent the formation of slip line

Company profile

  Zhengzhou Hengzhong Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an aluminum equipment company, our main products include aluminum cast rolling mill, cold rolling mill, aluminum foil rolling machine, tension leveling line, cut to length line, slitting line, cast roll, roller sleeve, steel sleeve, etc. And we also have aluminum products, like aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum plate, aluminum circle, aluminum color reflector and PE protective film.

  Our company integrates design, manufacture and installation. With a strong technical force, advanced production capacity and high quality after-sale service team, the products have been appreciated & recognized by the old and new customers. Now, our products are sold well all over china and have exported to the Middle East, South America, India, Russia and Southeast Asia. We uphold the management philosophy of ' Honesty to constant, all win with the public' & the principle of ' Customers first ' to provide our customers with quality service. That makes us one of the best leaders in aluminum processing equipment industry.

  Welcome to visit our factory and send inquiry. We’ll become your reliable supplier in China. And looking forward to cooperating with you in near future.

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