Reversible Mill Use Requirements Comparison and Frequency Converter Application Benefits


 In rolling mills, this type of reversible rolling mill has many applications from the current point of view, and it is also one of the products and keywords in the website. Therefore, we should pay attention to its learning work and we must not take it lightly to avoid Do not allow yourself to have good learning results. In the following, this work will be continued because it has not yet reached a full-scale level and, in turn, allows everyone to progress through learning.
1. Reversible rolling mill, compared with ordinary rolling mill, whether it is higher in demand? In addition, can it be used for continuous production?
The reversible rolling mill is higher in terms of requirements than the ordinary rolling mill, and the concrete embodiment is for the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic control. Therefore, on these three points, everyone should Have paid attention. This type of rolling mill can be used for continuous production, but its production scale is not very large.
2. A four-high mill, can it be a reversible mill? If yes, can this device be increased?
A four-high mill, which can be a reversible mill, can be called a four-high reversible mill. So, on question 1, the answer is yes. This type of reversible rolling mill combines the advantages of a two-high reversing mill and a three-roller mill, so it is suitable for rolling plates. Moreover, it can be a finishing mill.
In the four-high reversible rolling mill, this part of the frequency converter can be increased. Therefore, in question two, the answer is yes. Moreover, for the selection of the frequency converter, a reverse braking function should be selected so that a good rolling of the rolling mill can be achieved and the rolling effect can be guaranteed.
All these problems are related to reversible rolling mills. Therefore, concrete answers will be given so that everyone can clearly understand and increase their own professional knowledge in this area. In this way, even if these problems are encountered, they can be resolved smoothly and completely so as not to affect the normal use of the products and their economic benefits.





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