Is there a looper in the mill and is the roll line on the roll chart important?


 Is this common and commonly used equipment for rolling mills, or mechanical equipment, whether we have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the machining process? From the current point of view, I am afraid that this level has not yet been reached. Moreover, it is also one of the website products and keywords, so it is very necessary to learn and understand. Therefore, under this specific request, the following will continue to proceed, thus, to advance the learning process of the product.
1. What are the differences between the continuous and semi-continuous types in the rolling mill? In rolling mills, continuous and semi-continuous, the difference between them is mainly in structure and application. Continuous type, which consists of several stands arranged in a row in the order of rolling direction, to carry out rolling rolling, the main one is the rolling mill. The semi-continuous type, which is composed of two parts of the transverse unit and the continuous unit, therefore, in summary, will have this conclusion.
2. Looper, is it in the mill, or is it in the slitting or crosscutting unit? Looper, the purpose of its use is to store material, that is, when the strip after the strip, in order to ensure that the length of the strip is not the same, and the follow-up equipment can work properly, so they will use looper to storage materials, In order to avoid the above problem. Therefore, according to this description, loopers are used in slitting or cross-cutting machines, whereas in rolling mills, they are not.
3. Is there a roll line on the roll chart in the rolling mill? If this is the case, from a professional point of view, there must be a rolling line on the roll diagram of the rolling mill. Its specific understanding is: the rolling line, which refers to a horizontal reference line along the vertical direction of the roll rolling surface, and is used to arrange the hole pattern. Therefore, when the position of the rolling line is determined, the hole pattern can be drawn on the matching roller chart. Otherwise, this work cannot be performed.





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