Company Capability

  Zhengzhou Hengzhong Heavy Machinery Co., an aluminum processing equipment manufacturing company, which integrates design, manufacture and installation. We have strong technical force, advance productioncapacity and high quality after-sales service team. Our products is appreciatedand recognized by our old and new customers from China and the Middle East. We uphold the selling philosophy that “The principal of integrity should be followed and the win-win scenarioshould be pursued. ”. We stick to the principle that ”customers always come first.”In this way, we provide our customers with best quality service. That’s why we have now become one of the best in this business.

Development History

  In 1996, Mr. Huang Xinxiang established Zhengzhou Hengzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.and provide aluminum processing equipment in Henan.

  In 2002 , the first aluminum casting rolling mill is finished, and the customer is very satisfied.

  In 2006, we showed our 4-hi cold rolling mill to our customer for the first time.

  In 2007, we succeeded in the trail of one time threading in tension leveling line.

  In 2008, our foreign trade departmentis founded and we resettledin our new company.

  In 2010, we have sold 100 machines in total to customers all over the world.

  In 2013, we installed our equipment for our customer in brazil.

  In 2014, we established our material analysis department and become the leader in this business. In 2014, we attended the exhibition in Braziland showed the word our improved casting machine.

  In 2015, we have sold 300 machines and we also improved our production line.

  In 2016, we showed our new aluminum sheet cleaning line In Shanghai exhibition, which impressed many people. This year, our total sales has reached 150 million.

  In 2017, we sold 24 machines all over the world.





Warm Hint:

этот проект находится в стадии строительства ...

Dự án đang được xây dựng..

Warm Hint:

The project is under construction...