Business Performance

  We specialize in designing and manufacturing aluminum processing equipment line. We can also undertake the design and manufacture of other non-ferrous metal equipment. Our produce range covers aluminum casting rolling mill, casting roller, casting roller sleeve, aluminum cold rolling mill line, aluminum foil rolling mill, tension leveling line, cut to length line, slitting line, aluminum sheet cleaning line and other aluminum processing equipment. We can help you to improve and update your aluminum processing line, the hydraulicpressureand the machine parts.

  We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Some of our customers

  Henan MingtaiAl.Industrial Co. ,Ltd

  Xintai Aluminum Co., Ltd.

  Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd

  Southwest AluminumCo. ,Ltd.

  Henan Shenhuo Group Guangming Co.,Ltd.

  Henan Yongtong Aluminum Co., Ltd.

  Gongyi foshan new technology Co. Ltd.

  Qinhuangdao WanxiangAluminum Industries Co.,Ltd

  Inner Mongolia Huomei Wanxiang Aluminum co. Ltd.

  Zhengzhou Wantai Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd

  Henan Xinyu Non-ferrous Metal co. LTD.

  Henan ZhongzhouAluminum Co.,Ltd.

  Henan Yinhu Aluminum Co.,Ltd.

  Henan Jinju Color Aluminum Co. Ltd.

  South-East Aluminum Co.,Ltd.





Warm Hint:

этот проект находится в стадии строительства ...

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Warm Hint:

The project is under construction...